Modern Maritime Style

The Shipyard at Port Jefferson Harbor is luxury apartment community of one and two bedroom residences located directly along the waterfront in the heart of historical Port Jefferson on Long Island’s north shore. The design pays homage to the history of the village back when Port Jefferson was one of the largest shipbuilding sites in all of New York, while still providing a modern, maritime feel that offers all of the luxury amenities one would expect at an exclusive apartment complex.

The idea of modern maritime design means that vintage and reclaimed items are used to accent this highly amenitized 21st-century facility. The interior color palette, inspired by driftwood, maritime culture and the local Port Jefferson beaches, provide a sense of tranquility all through the building.  

Janice Kirschenbaum, the interior architect for BHC Architects, was asked about her pallet “A sense of serenity is created with a beach-inspired color palette of clear ocean blues, sea greens, creamy whites, sandy browns and a touch of coral. All of these colors echo the makeup of the beach as they reflect the tonality of the sand, sea, and sky”.


Throughout the interior is planned seaside touches and maritime features. These design elements include a custom designed Nautical Compass Rose, salvaged oars, ship ropes integrated into selected fixtures and used as wall covering, decorative nautical themed pillows, latitude markers painted on the walls, and replicas of the wooden ship grates, as well as other seaside motifs.

Close attention has been made to keep the design choices connected to the Village’s past with vintage maps and photos of the local maritime industry of the early 1900’s. Mrs. Kirschenbaum said, “To effectively evoke reflection, the interior walls display a visual history of this shipbuilding community. Oversized images from the Village’s archives fill entire wall surfaces throughout this coastal design.” The lobby ceiling design comes from 99-year-old plans detailing the construction of a 95-foot wooden deck barge found in Port Jefferson’s historical archives.

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By combining the history of the Village with fresh, modern day nautical accents, the Shipyard perpetuates feelings of both nostalgia and the warmth of home for residents to enjoy.

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Assigned garage parking $75/month per vehicle. Maximum of two vehicles.