Your Pet and Your Apartment

Pets get dirty there is no way around it. When you live near the beach, there is no better place for a dog to play than on the sandy shore, yet the salt water and sand can wreak havoc on their coats and your floors!

Being dog lovers ourselves, the team at the Shipyard at Port Jeff Harbor, wanted to make sure our pet-friendly community took both your dog and floors into account. Knowing your pet might be spending hours playing on the nearby beach we added a dog washing station for their residents to use.

Grooming your pet is an important way to keep your pet healthy and clean. When pets get dirty, or if they are not brushed their hair can get matted. When a coat gets matted, the skin does not get air and sores can develop under the mat leading to an unhealthy and unhappy pet. Cleaning and brushing your pet will stimulate the lymphatic system of skin and hair. It also increases blood flow to the skin throughout the body.

Grooming your pet also offers owner/pet bonding benefits. Reassuring touching and stroking makes your pet feel safe and facilitates trust. A clean and healthy pet is a happy pet. Having a functional and welcoming grooming space makes it easy to keep your pet looking and feeling it’s best.

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